Things to do and see in Melbourne

Eureka Sykdeck. It’s the southern hemisphere’s highest vantage point standing 297 meters above Melbourne. It’s a good first stop for any Melbourne visitor to get their bearings. Get a bird’s eyeview of iconic Melbourne attractions such as the Melbourne Cricket Grounds, Port Philipp Bay, Albert Park Lake as well as a good look at the Dandenong Ranges. No two visits will be the same as the ever-changing Melbourne ensures that each time you visit you will be looking through a different lens. Visiting at daytime will be awesome, but a night visit will also be a different spectacle altogether.

Eureka Sykdeck

Food and dining. One thing you will notice in Melbourne is that people here love their coffee. There aren’t that many Starbucks franchises here. Artisan coffee brewed by among the best baristas in the world will definitely perk you up. Coffee here is among the best in the world. For a little more than just coffee try Degraves Street. It’s the laneway between Finders Street and Flinders Lane very close to an exit from the Flinders Street station.

Brunch is usually a good time to experience what Degraves Street has to offer. That’s when you meet a lot of fellow diners. It’s a cafe experience you should not miss but the dining is superb as well with a decidedly Italian tendency.


Queen Victoria Market. If you’re really into food and love visiting markets, the Queen Victoria Market will not disappoint. It’s the largest open air market in the Southern Hemisphere. It’s a sprawling two-block collection of fresh fruit and vegetables from all over Australia as well as local and imported gourmet food. A visit there also goes beyond the food. There is everything else such as cosmetics, souvenirs and good dining as well.


Laneway shopping. Melbourne is the fashion capital of Australia. Rightly so. Most international brands can be found here along with top Australian designers. Chapel Street in South Yarra will show you why Melbourne is a mecca for fashionistas. It’s laneway shopping like no other with a good blend of shopping and dining.


Melbourne zoo. Showcasing a collection of Australian wildlife as well as exotic animals from around the world, any visitor to Melbourne will be awed by the Melbourne Zoo. It’s best to visit after spending a day or two in the city. It’s a short 4-kilometer trip north of the city. There’s plenty for young and old to do here. Kids will have a wild time at the Growing Wild exhibit or get a taste of the zookeeper experience at the Keeper Kids playspace.

melbourne zoo


Melbourne Aquarium. It virtually in the heart of the city, just a few minutes from the central business district. Wonder at over 10,000 animals and one of the world’s largest salt-water crocodiles. Interactive experiences as well as varied ways of exploring sea life through tunnels and glass-bottom boats makes it a very engaging and exciting sea life encounter.
Flinders Street Station. It’s a must for one of your first selfie’s when you get to Melbourne. Arguably one of the most recognizable Melbourne landmarks, get into the mood by “meeting under the clocks”. It’s the busiest railway station in the Southern Hemisphere and nearby are so many other interesting locales to grab your interest.

Flinders Street Station