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Rob Gray is the best source of information on the business and lifestyle in Australia. The collection of articles and resources on the website is carefully curated to offer the latest and most in-depth information on living and working in Australia. It tries to strike a balance between business information and the wealth of attractions in Australia.

The website aims to showcase Australia as a prime business and tourist destination in the Asia-Pacific region. Readers will enjoy a host of incisive articles that showcases the best Australian attractions ranging from the spectacular natural vistas through to the vibrant cosmopolitan groove it’s cities exude.

Browse through the resources here at Rob Gray and get a glimpse into why Australians are known for working hard and playing even harder. Learn about popular destinations throughout the continent that even locals love visiting. The city guides and related articles will be particularly helpful for the itinerant traveller doing research for a trip. Here you can find out about the most popular attractions in famous Australian cities as well as those that are off the beaten path.

Discover Australia here on Rob Gray where the resources will have always have something to offer the bold entrepreneur, the itinerant traveller, or even the family intending to relocate.