What I did in Sydney

Sydney Harbor. I’ve been around and have seen a lot of harbors even in my own country. Nothing prepared me for Sydney Harbor. It’s just so breathtakingly serene. On really nice days, you’ll see the quiet waters peppered by sailboats sharing the water with massive cruise ships. The Rocks and the iconic sails of the […]

Australian Culture

Australians are famous for being laid back and being a little bit informal. What may seem informal and relaxed attitude even in business does not mean that they are not a serious bunch. Even at first meetings, people refer to each other by first names. But when it comes to business, they are straightforward and […]

Things to do and see in Melbourne

Eureka Sykdeck. It’s the southern hemisphere’s highest vantage point standing 297 meters above Melbourne. It’s a good first stop for any Melbourne visitor to get their bearings. Get a bird’s eyeview of iconic Melbourne attractions such as the Melbourne Cricket Grounds, Port Philipp Bay, Albert Park Lake as well as a good look at the […]